Studying a Stream

Students study a stream during a Watershed Education investigation at Promised Land State Park, Pennsylvania State Parks.Pennsylvania Streams

Pennsylvania’s streams tell a story; a story of wildlife that live along muddy banks or hide in quiet pools; a story of people who make their homes in its basin, quench thirst from its waters, harness its power, irrigate crops, or enjoy it for recreation.

Pennsylvania boasts more miles of streams than almost any other state, an estimated 86,000 stream and river miles. These streams provide a wonderful educational resource for students and teachers while building a sense of stewardship and creating positive partnerships for schools and communities.

For more information on the waters of Pennsylvania, check out Pennsylvania’s State Water Plan (DEP).

More information about studying a stream can be found in DCNR’s Watershed Education Curriculum. This curriculum can only be obtained by attending a Watershed Education Teacher Workshop.

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